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What Our Agents Are Saying

"Woods Bros Realty Country Club office has been my home for the last 7 years & I call it home because it feels just like that walking through the door. There is always someone there to excitedly greet you & show a genuine interest in how you are doing. We are like a family here - always willing to help one another, share ideas, celebrate success & collaborate on ways to ensure we all thrive in this business. Woods Bros Realty as a whole has the greatest training program in town, an innovative leadership team that is always adapting to keep Woods Bros Realty at the forefront of the market & one of the most competitive commission structures around. Give us a shout today, we're all here to help you succeed!"

- Tyler Reynolds

"Woods Bros Realty & our Country Club office represent Tradition for me - both the tradition of the Woods Bros Realty's contribution to real estate in Lincoln & the tradition of conducting my real estate business using my old fashinoned techniques like meeting my clients at the office, having staff process my paperwork & seeing my associates regularly in the office. It is a wonderful combination of real estate the way it used to be & using modern technology to communicate the new fashioned way."

- Lou Villalobos

"As I began this career in real estate, I had many questions and concerns. One of the only things I was certain about was starting with Woods Bros. I had met with Tami before I even started taking the classes. I wanted to get a better understanding of who I would be working with and how it would look having someone "oversee" me in a sense, but also be my own boss. She encouraged me, settled my nerves about beginning a new career, and most importantly supported me. Fast forward about 4 months, and I was back in Tami's office having passed my exam, and ready to begin the new career. Tami, as well as the Country Club's staff, and other agents have been unwavering in their support and crucial to the seamless transition from "new guy" to a real part of the group. The warm welcome was essential in my success as a newer agent. It's been something I think about often as I see and work with other agents from all sorts of other brokerages. With this job, I feel support is one of the most important factors to success. We can't do it alone, and even if we could I wouldn't want to. Success is all the sweeter if it is shared with the ones you appreciate, look up to, and respect. Woods Bros has the tools to sharpen you, the supporting cast to guide you, and the reputation to help even the newest agents succeed. "

- Buzz Niederklein


Today Woods Bros Realty remains a leader in the latest technology, keeping us on the cutting edge of the real estate industry. We are trendsetters in the industry, introducing many 'firsts.' Our sales record is unmatched in Nebraska's real estate history. Woods Bros continues to find new and productive ways to help our clients and Sales Associates. We have nearly 220 agents in eight sales offices who are ready to help customers with any real estate needs.

At Woods Bros Realty, we know Nebraska home buyers and sellers and the local real estate market. After all, we’ve been here for six generations of homeowners. Let us make selling your house and finding your dream home easier, faster and a lot more fun. Have questions or ready to get started? Register or contact us today.